Carry the Load Memorial May Events



Join us in supporting Carry the Load events around the country. You can find a nearby event by clicking on the links above to several rallies and the five regional relays that come together on May 29th for the Dallas Memorial March. There is no fee to participate. Donations are also welcome to support our nonprofit partner, One Tribe Foundation, and will be matched by SRS Raise the Roof Foundation. Please donate directly through the link below and add “SRS” after your last name to flag you as a matching SRS donor.

  • When: Sunday May 29th at 12PM
  • Where: Reverchon Park
    3505 Maple Ave Dallas, TX
  • Duration: 30 minutes to 26 hours

Questions? Contact Luis Moyano with Veterans Programs or Mikell Bollinger with SRS Raise the Roof Foundation.



We Stand With Ukraine, One Family One Fight


More than 3 million people, most of them women and children, have evacuated their homes in Ukraine to flee the ravages of war forced upon them and their country. When you make a donation to We Stand With Ukraine, One Family One Fight, you help provide Ukrainian refugees with food, shelter, clothing and other much needed essentials as they face the daunting challenge of starting over in a new country with little more than what they can carry. For each donation made to SRS Raise the Roof Foundation and Heritage Cares for Ukraine assistance, you can select your choice of our specially designed apparel. Recommended minimums: $25 hat, $20 shirt, $40 both.


Puppy Love Naming Contest


We are pawsitively excited to announce the winning name from our Puppy Love contest is Roofus! This special puppy will be born in the coming months, then raised and trained by Canine Companions for Independence with the goal of becoming an exceptional assistance dog to enhance independence for an individual with a disability. We look forward to following Roofus' adventures on this amazing journey.